Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Traveling Stash

Sue over at "suebee's World" is having a Traveling Stash give-a-way. Hop over and take a look, there are lots of really nice fabrics in this one. I have been following these all over blog land - hope one of them comes my way soon, so I can share too!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Quite a week


3 tops this week

1 - GS baseball quilt - embroidery DONE - time to figure out quilting pattern

2 - Quilt from 10" quilt guild "Left -  Right - Center" game

3 - Quilt from "Ten Little Things" layer cake - will be stitching in the ditch to quilt this - QUICK & EASY
       The top took me all of ONE hour to do. It is 40 x 40 - perfect size for a toddler to tote around.                    If I find camera tonight I am going to do a quick tutorial - 10" blocks and strada!

No pictures - can't find the camera :(


Dog Pillow to match "Ten Little Things" quilt top

CLEANING the sewing room (again)

Hope to post some pics tomorrow

Friday, June 8, 2012

Taking the weekend OFF!

This is where I will be spending my weekend. Can't wait to relax!



Thursday, June 7, 2012

Give - a - way at Shape Moth

A new place to shop and a Give A Way? Joanna over at Shape Moth is hosting a massive giveaway by Patchwork-Oase (a German Shop that ships internationally), an online shop with patterns, fabrics and notions. They are having this giveaway to promote the opening a new online store at (note - the shop is tweeking their site and it should be up in a day or two BUT you can get in on the giveaway NOW by blogging about it) . There are 10 GREAT Prizes, check the requirement for entry at Joanna's blog. Have a great day and good luck!

Story Quilt Close-up

Here is another photo of my WV story quilt. This was posted on Mary Lou's Blog - but I am not sure who took the photo.

This is what Mary Lou had to say -

This quilt all came together in a wonderful way. In the end of the workshop, she had three generations of sewing ladies in her family along with this sewing machine.  It is quite wonderful and her blocks were beautiful for the border. Grandmother, Mother and the designer will all be remembered in a beautiful story quilt about the gift of sewing.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Ten Little Things

Last week i won an adorable Layer Cake from Mary at The Tulip Patch - Ten Little Things.

The prize came from This is a great website, I have a few things on my wishlist from here. The best thing is that when you look at layer cakes or charms -Karolyn shows thumbnails of EVERY fabric in the collection. This is WONDERFUL! There are many lines I think I would like, but never know because I can't see all of the fabrics!

Run over and take a look!
It is so adorable. I am going make a quilt for my youngest Grandson who will be 1 in August!

Hugs Sharon!

Friday, June 1, 2012

My Story Quilt - More to see

I have come today to reveal one of several layouts for my story quilt.

My story is about my Grandmother (really a great-aunt) and my Mother who taught me how to sew when I was a little girl. It was on a tredale machine and they would peddle while I guided fabric through the machine.

Does anyone remember the fabric cut outs for stuffed animals and for barbie dresses? I made alot of those when I first started. At 5 or 6 they were much easier than cutting patterns. I didn't get to that until I started 4-H at about 8 years old. But I digress.

I started with a family photo that showed both my Mother and I at about the right ages, and asked a cuz for a photo of Grandma. I enlarged the photos and then drew around them so they could be put onto a quilt.

Oh - don't forget the Star of the Show - The Sewing Machine! It came from an old picture I had laying around - but I changed it up a bit.

This was my  first layout. Do you see the great Tulip? My new friend Deb B made one and I copied hers I just love it - I did end up changing it up a bit a little later on - I added some PINK!

I needed one more block and another lovely lady Rosemary - had a beautiful rose quilt that she let me look at and I made a rose for the lower corner.

This is the layout of fabric for my rose.
This is what it turned out to look like. 


This is what my layout was after I added the rose.

I did change this layout - butI will show you that on Monday. 

Have a great weekend! 


Pay It Forward - Do you want to Play?

I tried this before and only got one player - now I would like to try it again. It is a little game/exchange in which you make something for three people who in turn make something for three people and so on. You can choose your own timing for your exchange too.

I saw this over at Tilda's Blog and signed up. There are simple rules and I will make something with my own two hands for three people who promise to PAY IT FORWARD!

These are the rules

1. I will create a crafty gift for each of the first three people who comment to this post. This is a surprise, and will arrive to you anytime within the next 365 days.

2. In signing up for Pay it Forward, you are committing yourself to the project...someone pays it forward to you, so you pay it forward to others! Just post this, or something similar so others can get involved. Basically you will create your own post where you create gifts for 3 people as well.

3. You need to have an active blog of your own...{or some way to post up your PIF info like a flickr, pinterest, or Facebook account. Basically you'll need a place to announce your own PIF and to post some pics of the process.}

4. After commenting on this post, post something similar on your you can spread the pay it forward love. I will email you asking for your mailing address {and the online address where you are posting} so I can get your crafty treat in the mail. Please make sure your email address is visible on your profile or leave it in the comment.

If I get more than THREE wanting to play I will pick three (random by my DH) and email them.

Hope you want to play with me!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

See Saw Swap

Remember my post about the SEE SAW swap I am doing? You start with a 10" block and add a 2 1/2" border - then you send it to your partner who adds another and sew on. I machine appliqued around cut outs from the fabric - don't you just love these two girls - I think I will go dressed as the flapper for Halloween :)

This is the block I am sending to my partner today. I used this years Ghastlie's Family Reunion by Alexander Henry. This collection is SEW MUCH FUN! I used last years collection for a sweat shirt - this years will be a small quilt with input from another great quilter Kathy who blogs over at Qreative Quilts and Quests.

More Story Quilt Blocks

This is my first two "strips" of Hoochy blocks.

And here is the start of my border

Here is another row with my Hoochy Flying Geese and Heart at the top

My next post will show you what I am working on for the center of my quilt!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

More on WV - Hoochy Retreat

This was SEW much fun!
The instructor - Mary Lou Weidman is a riot and all 20 of the other ladies in the class were fun, talented, and amazing ladies. Some of them even have their story quilts almost done! If you check this posting from Mary Lou's Blog you can see the process Carolyn went through - from the drawing to the start of the applique.

 Mary Lou also blogged about my quilt and boarder 1 - 2 - 3 times! I was SEW excited! Here are a few more peeks at more of my blocks.

I have unpacked, but that is as far as I have gotten. I made a cute purse for our youngest daughter who is graduating from HS, it has lots of hair stuff - curing irons, hair dryers, combs . . .  on it. She wants to go to Cosmetology school. (Posting picture soon.)

Hope you all have a SEW Happy Day!!!


Friday, May 18, 2012

Back From West Virginia

Well actually I have been back for almost two weeks  - hard to believe it has been that long.
I got back and had a daughter graduating with her Associates Degree in Graphic Design (on Sunday) so I was scurrying around trying to get food and everything else ready. Bless him, my DH had the house ready, just a quick tidy to have 20 people over after the grad at the Kentucky Horse Park.

Then on Monday after a LATE night it was back to work.
I didn't even get my sewing stuff out of the car AND my fabric is STILL there - does that tell you how busy I have been?

My First Hoochy Block!
Here's a SNEAK preview of the retreat - my FIRST ever Hoochy Block. If you know about Mary Lou Weidman then you know the story behind the Hoochy Blocks - if not I will tell you more next week.


PS - Mary Lou has TWO blogs -

if you want to more about her story quilts go over and visit one and you can read this blog entry with lots of pictures!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Just thinking

I am ready to leave for the retreat, except for cleaning out the car and then packing.

I have been wondering about Giveaways.

I only enter if I LOVE the fabric or pattern or prize. I don't think it makes sense to enter just to do it and hope something comes my way.

What are your thoughts?

Do you enter giveaways?
Do you enter a giveaway even if you aren't in love with the prize?
How often do you enter?

Hugs - Sharon B

PS I won't be posting next week - I will be QUILTING ;~O

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Giveaway at Fave Quilts

There is a great giveaway at Fave Quilts. You can win a “Slice Fabrique

This looks like the cutes little slicer.

Run over there and enter now

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bird and Grandson

This is a picture of the little Spool Bird my grandson and I made for his Mommy!

He helped too!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Tilda Table Runner

SEW, the other day I promised a post about a quilt for the GS - well the pictures didn't turn out like I planned SEW . . . Here is the "Tilda" Table Runner I am making for the Daughter! I got the pattern for "Irish Quilting" a mag that my LQS had a couple of months ago.

This whole thing created challenges, because the seems didn't match up right. I have two extra blocks I am making into hot pads for the table. Both because of seams, but also one I did not like the fabric. Also, the Kona cotton I used shows the dress fabric under it - not to self - UNDERLINE the next time.

Even with the Challenges - I think she will love it! Here we go! Isn't it just the cutest?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fabric for Story Quilt Retreat

I am so excited to be going to a  story quilt retreat the last week of this month. I have collected all of my fabrics - can you tell I love Pink?

Opps - didn't take pictures of my PINK :(

I haven't decided on my background yet - I have several different choices, but will wait until class.

My "story" is going to be about my Granma (aunt) and my Mom who taught me how to sew. I have been kind of working ahead so I can get going on the story, and mot spend time drawing . I have my "people" traced and also a sewing machine. This is my first "cartoon" of what I want to do - although I think I may have too much in the picture, but we will see :)

Hope you have a great and sun shiny day!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Two in one day!

I just found out that there is still an opportunity to sign up for the Halloween See Saw Swap over at Quilts from My Crayon Box. You will make a center block with Halloween Fabric  and send it to your partner - then they add a 2 1/2"  border and send it back to you. You keep adding until it is about 30" wide. Doesn't this sound like lots of fun?

You can sign up through the end of today!

Gathered Bag

I made this bag a couple of months ago from the Gathered Bag tutorial by Carissa at BumbleBeeBliss. It was quite easy to put together as the tutorial is really great! I used the Robert Kaufman Dress-Up line in Ebony, and a great Baltik from my LQS

I tried out two different sets of buttons. Which would you have picked?

The only thing I didn't do was add a magnetic clasp - I will the next time.

Until next time - when I will show the quilt I am working on for my GS!

Hugs Sharon B

Monday, April 16, 2012

I Am Back!

It's been awhile hasn't it? I finally got a new card for the camera and it will now talk to my computer. So I am adding photos of the "bugs" I did for a swap with the Mary Weidman Yahoo Swap Group. We made 12 and sent them in and will get 12 back!

This is the second swap I have done and they are so much fun.

What do you think of the dragonflys - did you know what they were?

I am working on being a better (more frequent blogger), so stay tuned for more postings!

Hugs to all

Friday, February 17, 2012

Technology Bites

So why won't my computer recognize my camera or my camera card?

It used to - it won't now :(

Computer Buddy can't figure it out.

Lot's of potential lost photos.

I am bummed.

Will try again this weekend and hopefully next week you will all be in for a treat

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Giveaway at Whimsical Mermaid

over at Whimsical Mermaid is have a give away - for 30 - 6" squares of Free Spirit fabrics in PURPLE! How cute. Run over and enter and while you are there take a look at her tutorial for "On the Fly Wristlets"
They would make perfect quick gifts.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Polka Dot Swap

I am in a cute little swap over at Craft Buds, for a polka dot charm swap. Run over and take a look - here is my selection.
The swap is limited to 28 people, you could still get in if you hurry!

Giveaway from FatQuarter Shop and Melissa

Melissa at Sew Bitter Sweet Designs is hooking up with the Fat Quarter Shop for a give-a-way - take a look at her post with details here.

I am sharing the fun, but hope that I am the winner - I have been drooling over the Prairie Paisley II and would love to have the Lazy Angle Ruler too.

Good Luck to my great followers :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Quokka Quilts - Bloggers Choice Fat Quarter Bundle

This was sew much FUN!

The judges are looking at the short list now!
There is an opportunity for US to vote (just for fun)

Take a minute to run over to:
Quokka Quilts: Community choice bundle (sharing the pain)
 and vote for you three fav bundles.

(PS - mine is 275)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Blogger's Choice

Have you seen the post at Quokka Quilts,
about the 'Blogger's Choice Bundles'?

You get to pick your own 15 fabrics and have a chance to WIN! 

These are my picks - I would make a quilt for the Hubby Bubby :)

These are my choices

Anchors Aweigh Navy Sailboat Quilt Panel                              SKU# 0945-2

Anchors Aweigh Cream Allover Lighthouses Yardage           SKU# 0938-1

Sew Heavenly Cream Sun and Moon Allover Yardage           SKU# 0828-3

Tavern Blues Navy Small Medallion Dots Yardage                 SKU# 4056-110

American Banner Rose Navy Twill Ticking Stripe Yardage    SKU# 12212-31

Simple Pleasures Blue Dottie Dots Yardage                          SKU# 0875-1

Knock Knock Yellow Diamond Grid Yardage                          SKU# 9374-44

Centennial Solids Goldenrod Yardage             SKU# 5901-596

Juicy Blossoms Yellow Geometric Dots Yardage                   SKU# 21825-S

American Banner Rose Tan Twill Ticking Stripe Yardage      SKU# 12212-29

Hickory House Red Stripe Yardage              SKU# 4529-157

Bella Solids Scarlet Yardage                         SKU# 9900-47

Red River Red Rope 'em Yardage                SKU# 9302-2

The rules are here

But here is a quickie from the site:
What you need to do:
  1. Go to The Fat Quarter Shop website and choose 12 coordinating prints and 3 solids from their selection. There are various ways of browsing - I started off in the 'modern fabric' section and went from there. 
  2. Either a) create a blog entry about your set of fabrics;  or b) if you don't have a blog, upload them somewhere they can be seen in one link - eg flickr, picasa, etc. You must include pictures of your fabrics. You can 'borrow' these from the FQS site. It would be very helpful to the judges if you could do a photo collage of your various prints. Instructions below if you don't know how - new IT skills are always useful!
There are great tips on the site how to do this. 
Even if you don't win it would be LOADS of  FUN!