Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fabric for Story Quilt Retreat

I am so excited to be going to a  story quilt retreat the last week of this month. I have collected all of my fabrics - can you tell I love Pink?

Opps - didn't take pictures of my PINK :(

I haven't decided on my background yet - I have several different choices, but will wait until class.

My "story" is going to be about my Granma (aunt) and my Mom who taught me how to sew. I have been kind of working ahead so I can get going on the story, and mot spend time drawing . I have my "people" traced and also a sewing machine. This is my first "cartoon" of what I want to do - although I think I may have too much in the picture, but we will see :)

Hope you have a great and sun shiny day!

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