Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vintage Things

Tonight is going to be busy, so just a short post.
Go on over to the Blog of Bramcost Publications and check out the cute VINTAGE beach to towel pattern. Sign up for their blog too - they will send you notifications of new "FREE" vintage patterns. Usually a couple a month.

This is a cool company - they publish (re-publish) vintage  - sewing, millinery, hair styling, beauty, knitting, crochet - even if you are only on a "wishing" trip, it is a cool site to look through.

I promise I will get to explaining the Vintage next blog


Monday, May 30, 2011

Great Weekend

Well, it was a busy weekend but a good one.

Yesterday we took Ian and Meredith to Churchill Downs, to see "the ponies run." Neither DH or I had never been there, so it was the first time for all of us. I was the only one who didn't win, but we all had a good time. I really do like Keenland better though - it seems more cozy and like you are closer to the action. They made it back home to Illinois safe.

This morning I spent some time at my fav quilt shop (http://www.qfirstky.com/), using the AccuCut, to make half-triangles - so much faster than using the rotary cutter. Then  we went to #1 Grandson's T-ball game - GO CUBS! - they lost and it was hot, but I really love to see him play and he really is a slugger.

Then we went for a drive in "Natasha"  with the top down. And used LOTS of sunscreen :). We took the back roads to Cave Run Lake and had a nice sunny ride. Told DH we need to get a cooler and take lots of ice and water next time - a convertible ride means lots of water.

If you haven't take a few minutes out of your day, to say thank you to a Veteran you know, or say a prayer for those you don't - take that minute now. We owe our freedom to all those who gave all and all those who give!


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Friends & "CRAFTY"

Well, Peggy was my first visitor last night! Yeah :)

But, I cannot get the Google Friends button to work, it says the code is bad :( :( I am hoping my daughter or a friend from work can help me figure it out, , so for now at least if anyone wants to follow, it will have to be by email, or if you use Blogger follow.

Now to explain the "CRAFTY" in my blog name. I was lucky to grow up with a Mother and several Great Aunts who did many "CRAFTY" things.  My "Grandma Yaeger" sewed, and did all sorts of things - she even made cards for people out of dollar bills - we all loved getting those. Aunt Frieda and Aunt Alma quilted. They did their piecing both by hand and machine, but ALL of the quilting was done by hand. I was always fascinated by the tiny stitches.They were all patient and had a great influence on me, I loved to set with them and watch them and have them teach me. I wish I had been old enough to learn to quilt - to this day it is the one thing that intimidates me.

Mom was a seamstress and made BEAUTIFUL things - she could make anything, from Barbie clothes - of which I have a few still -  to Wedding Dresses.  She did beautiful hand work and made me learn it before she would let me use her machine. I still have that machine - and many of the attachments. Do you remember machines with "cams" for fancy stitches? I have quite a few for those, and even though I have a fancy embroidery machine, I still use the Singer! Back to Mom, she also did embroidery, mostly on the pre-printed towels and things, and we had lots of fun picking the out at the Dime Store.

Mom also crocheted, mostly basic things, but she did teach me and I have made a few things, although I do have quite a few UFO's. Anything too big and I usually get frustrated and put it away. In fact I have a blanket I started for my grandson who is now 6 and it is not finished.

Mom always told me that by reading you can do anything, which is were the CRAFTY comes in - I have tried just about everything (well maybe that is an exaggeration) - I can't knit. I have done counted cross-stitch, needlepoint, clothes making, toys and dolls for my children, macrame . . .

So now you know about "Sewn Seabee" and "Crafty" stay tuned for "Vintage"

Sewn Seabee

Friday, May 27, 2011

My First Blog :)

Well, I am going to see how this blogging thing goes. 
Naming a blog is not an easy thing I decided while thinking of a name.
What things would describe me best and give everyone an idea of what I would be blogging about.

Most of my online contacts know me as "Sewn Seabee"

"Sewn" comes from the one thing that I have done for as long as I can remember - SEW.
Started on my "Grandma Yaeger's" treadle machine, with her "treadling" and me on her lap sewing, when I was about 5. And I have been sewing ever since!

SeaBee comes from my eight years in the Navy Seabees as an Engineering Aid

I meet my husband when I commented on the awful job he did sewing his name tags on his uniform. He laughed at me and said "Can you do better?" I told him sure I started sewing at about 5 and I knew I could do better. That was almost 14 years ago now and I found out later that the "bad sewing" was actually his mothers. 

I guess I shouldn't reveal everything about the name in my first post - so check back again - or "follow me" and I will explain the rest soon! 

OH MY - I guess I am hacing a "how not to do it day" (more on this later)
I named by blog one thing- but didn't type the "address" correctly - the address for the blog left out the "g" in musing - oh well - find me here:


Sewn Seabee