Monday, May 30, 2011

Great Weekend

Well, it was a busy weekend but a good one.

Yesterday we took Ian and Meredith to Churchill Downs, to see "the ponies run." Neither DH or I had never been there, so it was the first time for all of us. I was the only one who didn't win, but we all had a good time. I really do like Keenland better though - it seems more cozy and like you are closer to the action. They made it back home to Illinois safe.

This morning I spent some time at my fav quilt shop (, using the AccuCut, to make half-triangles - so much faster than using the rotary cutter. Then  we went to #1 Grandson's T-ball game - GO CUBS! - they lost and it was hot, but I really love to see him play and he really is a slugger.

Then we went for a drive in "Natasha"  with the top down. And used LOTS of sunscreen :). We took the back roads to Cave Run Lake and had a nice sunny ride. Told DH we need to get a cooler and take lots of ice and water next time - a convertible ride means lots of water.

If you haven't take a few minutes out of your day, to say thank you to a Veteran you know, or say a prayer for those you don't - take that minute now. We owe our freedom to all those who gave all and all those who give!


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