Friday, May 27, 2011

My First Blog :)

Well, I am going to see how this blogging thing goes. 
Naming a blog is not an easy thing I decided while thinking of a name.
What things would describe me best and give everyone an idea of what I would be blogging about.

Most of my online contacts know me as "Sewn Seabee"

"Sewn" comes from the one thing that I have done for as long as I can remember - SEW.
Started on my "Grandma Yaeger's" treadle machine, with her "treadling" and me on her lap sewing, when I was about 5. And I have been sewing ever since!

SeaBee comes from my eight years in the Navy Seabees as an Engineering Aid

I meet my husband when I commented on the awful job he did sewing his name tags on his uniform. He laughed at me and said "Can you do better?" I told him sure I started sewing at about 5 and I knew I could do better. That was almost 14 years ago now and I found out later that the "bad sewing" was actually his mothers. 

I guess I shouldn't reveal everything about the name in my first post - so check back again - or "follow me" and I will explain the rest soon! 

OH MY - I guess I am hacing a "how not to do it day" (more on this later)
I named by blog one thing- but didn't type the "address" correctly - the address for the blog left out the "g" in musing - oh well - find me here:

Sewn Seabee

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  1. Well let me be your first post! I'm impressed that you were in the Navy. My husband's middle son retired from the Navy. His youngest son was also a graduate from West Point.