Saturday, May 28, 2011

Friends & "CRAFTY"

Well, Peggy was my first visitor last night! Yeah :)

But, I cannot get the Google Friends button to work, it says the code is bad :( :( I am hoping my daughter or a friend from work can help me figure it out, , so for now at least if anyone wants to follow, it will have to be by email, or if you use Blogger follow.

Now to explain the "CRAFTY" in my blog name. I was lucky to grow up with a Mother and several Great Aunts who did many "CRAFTY" things.  My "Grandma Yaeger" sewed, and did all sorts of things - she even made cards for people out of dollar bills - we all loved getting those. Aunt Frieda and Aunt Alma quilted. They did their piecing both by hand and machine, but ALL of the quilting was done by hand. I was always fascinated by the tiny stitches.They were all patient and had a great influence on me, I loved to set with them and watch them and have them teach me. I wish I had been old enough to learn to quilt - to this day it is the one thing that intimidates me.

Mom was a seamstress and made BEAUTIFUL things - she could make anything, from Barbie clothes - of which I have a few still -  to Wedding Dresses.  She did beautiful hand work and made me learn it before she would let me use her machine. I still have that machine - and many of the attachments. Do you remember machines with "cams" for fancy stitches? I have quite a few for those, and even though I have a fancy embroidery machine, I still use the Singer! Back to Mom, she also did embroidery, mostly on the pre-printed towels and things, and we had lots of fun picking the out at the Dime Store.

Mom also crocheted, mostly basic things, but she did teach me and I have made a few things, although I do have quite a few UFO's. Anything too big and I usually get frustrated and put it away. In fact I have a blanket I started for my grandson who is now 6 and it is not finished.

Mom always told me that by reading you can do anything, which is were the CRAFTY comes in - I have tried just about everything (well maybe that is an exaggeration) - I can't knit. I have done counted cross-stitch, needlepoint, clothes making, toys and dolls for my children, macrame . . .

So now you know about "Sewn Seabee" and "Crafty" stay tuned for "Vintage"

Sewn Seabee

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