Friday, October 14, 2011

Been a While - Now Some Fun

Well, once again time has gotten away from me:) Too busy for my own good I guess.

The oldest GS has been playing Fall T-ball - he loves it so much and is pretty good for a 6 year old. That takes a couple of nights a week - but it is well worth it!

Our newest GS (aug 29, 2011), with Mommy and Daddy in tow was here for a week. At 5 weeks old they don't do alot, but MeMaw sat and held him anytime he wasn't eating or PaPaw didn't have him. Having a baby in the house again was pretty cool!

Summer is camping time too - every weekend we spend with good friends, eating, telling stories, and sitting around the fire. (yes we have fires now matter how hot it is)

So there has not been alot of crafty things going on right now. I did go to my first meeting of the Bluegrass Quilters Guild this past Tuesday - what a great group of talented and friendly ladies - I can't wait for the next meeting!

While I was there I heard about the Quilts of Valor, then today I saw the Jan 2012 new releases over at Green Fariy Quilts - I fell in love with the Moda Prairie Paisley II - so perfect for a quilt for a service woman. Anyhow, then I had to find a pattern, surfing I found this quilt - kisses and hugs - at Amy's Creative Side - made by Nicole @ Sew Daughter. Waiting to find out about the pattern so I can order fabric. I promise I will post updates!

While I was at Nicole's blog, I saw a fun idea - Pay it Forward Fun - I decided this would be a fun way to connect with my (few) followers. Check the next post - I will have the details there.

Sharon the sewn seabee

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