Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day

THANK YOU for Service!

Christopher M. Buford            
           United States Navy              Husband
Shawna R Buford Spears         
           United States Air Force        Daughter
Jeffrey Donald Williamson        
           United States Army              Brother
Timothy James Williamson        
           United States Marines          Brother

In Remembrance:
James Donald Williamson         
          United States Navy Seabee's         Daddy
James Odist Williamson            
          United States Navy               Grandfather
James Richard Williamson         
          United States Navy               
Allan Williamson                       
          United States Air Force        Uncle
Haynes Dean Buford                 
          United States Navy              
Frank  Perdew                        
          United States Navy              

SK 1(STS) Christopher Michael Buford 
US Navy - Submarine Service, Navy Seabee's, Naval Supply

EA2 Sharon Ann Williamson Buford
US Navy Seabee's

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  1. My Grandpa was in the Navy too. I appreciate his, and all your family's service.