Friday, July 15, 2011

New Doll

She is done! The doll for my "Birthday" friend. I posted the link for the pattern last time - it makes up quickly and is a great pattern.
This is the picture of the "baby" that Angie wanted a doll to match. I really hoped to find a tub and little washboard too but none of the craft stores had any.

And here she is
 This is her little face - Hubby asked why her eyes were not the same size - I said - she is primitive :). What do you think? I kind of like her expression.   

I wanted to be sure that she had the little apron tied around her neck.

She has "knickers" too! My grandson and I were working in my sewing room (he likes to be crafty), he saw the pattern and asked me what knickers were. I told him that is what they used to call girls undies - well - he went home and asked Mommy if she had knickers! She called me to see what I had been teaching her son :)

GS doesn't want to "learn" how to sew - but he loves to watch me and push buttons on the machine - maybe some day - out of 5 kids none of them sew - guess it is up to the next generation.

So back to the doll - I used vintage lace for her dress and the bottom of the knickers and some vintage buttons for her earrings and up the back of the dress.

I got some "nubby" yarn for her hair, but it was too soft and I could not get it to work - so I went and got a cheap black yarn and wrapped them both. Lastly, she got the bows in her hair.
I think that she turned out really nice. I showed one of the girls at work and she fell in love - she retires the end of the month - so I am going to make her a "baby" for her retirement and make her look like Kim.

I got the fabric from my great quilt shop - Q First in Quilting  - also where I go for my liberated quilt class -   the dress fabric is "French General. Don't remember the other - but I really liked the combination

Hugs to ALL. Sharon B


  1. Hi Sharon. Thank you so much for letting me see my Soggibottom pattern made up into your own version. She looks very effective. Great to see your new blog. Especially this extra special make :-)
    I had better keep in touch :-) and see what else your going to make :-)..... x x x

  2. I Sharon! I think she's cute and I didnt notice her eyes being different sizes until I read it. :) Love it!
    Niki @ Stitchin' Heaven